Kaleidoscope Interventions

Posted: July 13th, 2017

Kaleidoscope Interventions

Therapy, Growth, and Fulfillment

Kaleidoscope Interventions is dedicated to early intervention to provide scientifically based ABA, speech, and occupational therapy for our children.

Specialized Clinical Facilities

Creating the correct environment for growth is vital to our children meeting their potential and we have customize our facility to provide optimal care and developmental progress for our children.

Our Children

When the children are dropped off by their guardians we take them in as our own for as long as we have them. This means that we treat them with the utmost of care and dedicate our time, effort and love to them so long as they are in our care.

1:1 Therapy

Kaleidoscope provides custom care plans for our kids that are specialized to set and meet developmental goals. By collecting accurate data and use of ABA therapy we track and achieve developmental goals to help our children succeed.

Recent Projects

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Fulfilling the Great Commission

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