Puzzle Box Academy

Posted: July 13th, 2017

Puzzle Box Academy

Building A Better Community

Puzzle Box Academy is dedicated to helping children with developmental disorders reach their full potential.

Our New Facility

Located at 2180 Julian Ave in Palm Bay Florida, our new 12,000 sqft facility is state of the art!

Bringing People Together

We are dedicated to expand Puzzle Box's efforts to help more children get the help they need throughout the country and beyond.

High Tech Learning & Fun

With our high tech facility we make learning and physical education fun! Our Learnmotion floor from Richtech lets our kids interact and play!

Education and ABA Together

With a combination of educational and therapeutic service Puzzle Box is able to provide one stop care for busy parents.

Expanding Minds & Creativity

Puzzle Box creates an environment that fosters creativity and fun allowing children to grow into the best people they can be. By fostering both analytical and imaginative learning we help our children strive.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff

Puzzle Box Academy attracts and maintains the best staff choosing only the finest educators and partnering with Kaleidoscope Interventions for clinical care our children.

Fun and Sun

Our Florida location allows year round outdoor play and sunshine for our kids. By incorporating water play and outdoor activities in our children stay active and fit while having fun!

Recent Projects

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Fulfilling the Great Commission

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