Our Projects

Our projects are designed to help as many as possible in the most efficient manner possible, particularly the children. To that end, our first two projects are focused on creating a caring environment for children with special needs to reach their full potential. Our future projects will continue to help children in need to grow and excel.

Sunshine for Florida

By purchasing a wallpaper image below you will be supporting special needs families affected by Hurricane Irma and special needs families of the community. Sunshine for Florida is entirely run by the Holz Foundation nonprofit organization. This ensures our resources and donations go directly to...

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Our Future Project - Holz Academy

Holz Center

Coming Soon! The Holz Center is coming soon to Melbourne Florida! This community center will provide a single point where all children and adults with disabilities can find help! A Place to Care The center will also provide onsite therapy for children with developmental delays each day of...

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Mad Hatter's Ball Charity Gala

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Puzzle Box Academy

Building A Better Community Puzzle Box Academy is dedicated to helping children with developmental disorders reach their full potential. Our New Facility Located at 2180 Julian Ave in Palm Bay Florida, our new 12,000 sqft facility is state of the art! Bringing People Together We are...

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Kaleidoscope Interventions

Therapy, Growth, and Fulfillment Kaleidoscope Interventions is dedicated to early intervention to provide scientifically based ABA, speech, and occupational therapy for our children. Specialized Clinical Facilities Creating the correct environment for growth is vital to our children meeting...

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